A Family Business For Families

Jennings Brands is the vision of Casey Jennings, the youngest of 5 brothers, the patriarch of his family of 5. Casey's love for creating functional and fashionable products, while being able to give back to society, is what brought his vision to life.

"We're a pretty open-book family; we kind of lead with our hearts. There's nothing to hide." - Kerri Walsh Jennings


The Jennings

Professional Beach Volleyball Legends

Casey found his place in the home and developed a love for sports and the outdoors as he grew up. Always one of the team but certainly a leader in everything he did. He always thought he was going to play soccer in the Olympics but went on to find volleyball as a sport he excelled in, leading him to playing in college and eventually winning a National Championship with the BYU Cougars in 1999. Casey played beach volleyball upon relocating to the beaches of Southern California and went pro, winning major titles in the US and Internationally. Casey still competes as a professional beach volleyball player along with his wife, Kerri Walsh Jennings. Casey is also a licensed Real Estate Agent.

Casey married Kerri Walsh, a beach volleyball player with 3 gold and 1 bronze Olympic medals, in 2005

He spends his time with his family, continuously playing sports with his 3 children and respecting and loving the great outdoors. In his free time, Casey is an avid golfer, surfer, teacher and coach. He volunteers at schools and gives back his time and energy on a daily basis.



Taking care of ourselves and living life to the best of our ability. Truly gives the ones around us the very best version of us. J5 is about being the best ‘together’ and that encompasses the best individual loving SELF.



Family and Friends are our greatest assets in this life. Without them we are weak, homeless and broke. With them we share wins, losses and life’s lessons that equate to growth, love, empathy and sympathy. Truth to one’s happiness is in our relationships.



Power clean…lifting our weight and sometimes more. Living a clean life, picking up the trash, learning from the mistakes we’ve made and moving on…cleaning up. Accepting that we are not perfect but continuing to better oneself daily with discipline, effort and enthusiasm.



Empowering the world with our own hands. Not sitting around discussing the problems of the world but sincerely rolling up our sleeves to address and correct the problem, one person at a time.



Getting ‘gritty’, being able to say sorry, taking chances for the good, doing the right thing when nobody else is looking. Sincerely loving ourselves and others.

"It is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny.” - Anthony Robbins